A little chipped...

No evil that is not good at all!
Despite the heartache of having two of my kids sent to boarding school, it is still close enough to go up visit when something is going on. 
So when my oldest daughter felt a little chipped both in her soul and her heart it was easy enough for me to come with my special Mama power just when she needed it the most. 
This adorable little place where they live happened to offer her choice of cafe with no people, giving us enough time to feed both our tummies and souls without too many ears and eyes surrounding us. 
A few hugs, a lot of listening and some encouragement later I could start detect a smile in her beautiful appearance which traveled all the way into my own heart. 
I felt so grateful being able to be there for her when she was in a need of a hug from her mom.
It also kind of disguised some of the guilt I feel for not having been able to find a solution schoolwise at a closer distance...
But, a mom would anyway go over and beyond for the sake of her kids. 
Wherever they are.
So being able to be on my daughters side only after a car ride of an hour or two must count as a positive thing:)
Although the kids might have a slightly different opinion 😉


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