Flower power

For a flower nerd like me, I love the fact that that there are places where you can pick your your own flowers.
At the moment only tulips are offered for self picking but that is definitely good enough:)
Garden center or nurseries are in general almost always so inspirational and good for my soul and I feel it’s such a treat coming there. 
“Fields” of tulips just waiting to be picked and arranged into beautiful bouqets. 
Or used as a solitaire in a vase. 
Just as beautiful!
Wherever you look there is beauty.
Arranged in colors, themes or family you just don’t get anything but inspired. 
Maybe broke then too...
Its not cheap.
But inspiration is for free and if you can shake off the desire to buy everything you see you can get back home with tons of ideas, tips and dreams. 
In my case a bunch of tulips too:)
The power of a flower...so underestimated!


vilket underbart ställe, tänk att bara få gå där och drömma

Svar: Japp, ännu ett ställe att besöka om du kommer upp hit:) ❤️
Maria Lacik

2018-02-08 @ 22:13:49

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