A fairytale garden

In sweden we "fikar" ( coffe and a cinnamon bun) a lot. 
We can drive for hours just to visit the place with the best home made baking goods in combination with a cozy setting. 
The other day we did exactly that. 
I must say that first I thought the snack itself was not worth going there for but then I went out in the garden...
So green, lush and beautiful that the drizzling rain immediately was forgotten and my constant faithful friend and I felt we were thrown in to a fairytale.
Narrow and winding paths, small bridges and green "rooms" where you could sit with your coffe or just for contemplating. 
If it wouldn't have been raining.
But still...
And suddenly the "fika" experience got taken to another level.
I do think my daughter was the brightest and most beautiful flower in that garden though:)


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