Sunday funday

Feeling a little wild and crazy the other day we decided to go biking on rail bikes at abandoned railways. 
An easy but different way to explore the nature. 
The sun was shining so it was a perfect day to enjoy the early autumn together. 
Remember we are in Sweden, hint hint, look at the clouds ahead of us...
Optimistic me claimed it was not going to rain and my pessimistic other half thought it would be better to bring umbrellas in case...
Was I kind of grateful in the end?!
Thats how we complete each other.
But, the biketour took us 16km ( 10 miles) through beautiful meadows, over small rivers and down in a valley and offered a varied environment and lots of fresh air.
Not to mention the numb muscles after our race back to the dry car:)
So despite the rain it was a wonderful experience and I can highly recommend to try it. 
Sunday funday!


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