Friday funday

When Friday night offered such beautiful light and calm water we decided to walk down to our dock and get to know our jet skis.
I mean we have introduced ourselves earlier but as the land crabs we are we ( read I) slowly need to build a relationship with those machines. 
To be honest, I don't think the jet skis like me. 
We simply don't seem to click...
But I'm willing to give them a chance and hopefully they will do the same for me. 
We luckily took turns though so when I was not entertained ( ! ) by the jet ski the night sky competed for attention and embraced us with that magical light I just had to stop the time and everything else I was doing just to enjoy the moment. 
So beautiful I had to pinch myself in the arm. 
Totally worth hanging out on the water:)
Friday became funday...


Wow så vackert ni bor, helt magiskt!

Svar: Det är väl ok 😉
Maria Lacik

2017-09-08 @ 22:13:25

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