We are right now busy trying to find the best way to makes changes to our new house. 
I think I'm the one to blame for that but I really don't like it and did not do it from the beginning either.
It has a wonderful location but the house itself is a mess, both style wise and energy wise and im struggling finding peace...
I gave in for the other members of the family, who like Iike it, by following the advice "we can always change a house but not the location".
So now we quickly have to decide what needs to be done so we can start our project. 
Architects are involved and so far it seems they are listening to our needs and the feeling we want to accomplish.
Never underestimate your gut feeling...
If we just can give the house clean lines instead of this conglomeration of different styles, think Mediterranean mixed with the marine,  I think we are heading in the right direction. 
Stay tuned...


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