Family portrait...

They are here!!!
The first professional portraits we have ever taken as a family. 
Those hours we spent in that photo studio I mentioned a while ago, this is the result:
My beautiful sons!
When I look at these photos I realize how grown up they are...
'And how old that makes me:)
And my stunning daughters who both also have that inner beauty one can hint even in the pictures. 
The photographer did a good job in trying to catch the essence of my kids personalities
I can definitely see a thinker, a happy-go-lucky, one ambitious and one dreamer...
And of course we have a reflection of that media world we are living...:)
Yup, here we are!
As seen from the eye of a professional photographer!


Åh så fina bilder på din familj!

Svar: Tack kompis! Dem blev väldigt ok tycker jag oxå:) Kraaam!
Maria Lacik

2016-07-08 @ 08:47:48

Vilken vacker familj Maria! 💕

Svar: Tack Anna! Nu kanske det till o med kan bli ett foto för mormor o morfar att sätta på väggen i köket:) ❤️
Maria Lacik

2016-07-10 @ 10:23:56

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