Skopelos, our last island to visit.

Our final island on this trip was Skopelos, the true Mamma Mia island. 
A beautiful and green island with dramatical cliffs meeting the turquoise sea and small beaches around every bend of the coastline. 
Just stunning!
Skopelos town was as cute with white houses climbing up the hills, narrow and beautifully paved streets filled with shops, tavernas and people. 
And yes, of course we went to see the church where the wedding took place in the movie:)
Well worth its climb. 
With a nature so majestic it invites you to deeper and philosophical thinking, tavernas everywhere with fresh fishes and other beautiful food and the relaxed friendliness from the people these islands are made for feeling good. 
Thank you Greece for everything!
Definitely leaving this country with a heart full of love, tummy full of food and a soul full of new memories. 
Till next time:)


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