Hello again

So how is life here now after my dad passed away?
Well, I’m hanging in there.
Waves of sadness are still hitting me but less frequent and kind of softer.
Ironically it’s all the light and good memories that are causing all the pain now...
But, we, me and my sisters, are slowly getting back to normal although my mom is still in her bubble. 
I am having the pleasure of having my mom staying with me for a little while and im trying to fill her days with peace, power and love. 
Me and my beautiful sisters are also doing small excursions with her without stress and with lots of beauty for the soul to give her mind a rest and a break from her normal schedule. 
The weather is still trying to impress and for some reason it manages to sooth our pain and help us to focus on all the beauty instead that surrounds us both naturewise and peoplewise. 
Is It wrong to feel lucky in all this?
Im almost feeling guilty but just so grateful for my family, for the sun and for life...


det ser härligt ut!

Svar: Såå vackert där ute i Artipelag! 🌸
Maria Lacik

2018-05-31 @ 12:49:01
URL: http://nouw.se/islycka


Svar: ❤️❤️❤️
Maria Lacik

2018-06-06 @ 21:31:40

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