The summer on the islands continues

Island number two is covered!
The internet is very slow so it’s difficult to upload pictures but here we go again:)
After Skiathos we took a ferry to the neighbor island Alonnisos to spend a few days of quality time there. 
A little less developed island but very green and beautiful.
Many swims have been taken in the crystal clear water, many goats (!) have been overtaken on the roads and many breathtaking views have been experienced. 
A charming little village in the mountain which was ruined during a big earthquake in the 60ies has carefully been restored and renovated and offred great view, small winding lanes, tons of tavernas everywhere, and colorful flowers outside the white houses. Unfortunately we only got their in the evenings so almost no pictures to show.
The rest of the island offered beautiful beaches, fishtavernas en masse and the surrounding green vegetation and blue water made you slow down your pulse, eat a lot and just be.
Greece delivers as usual!


Fina bilder :)

Svar: Tack! Vacker värld:) 🌸
Maria Lacik

2018-07-19 @ 10:39:24

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