Spring around our house

I just love this time of year!
The sun, the weak signs of warmth, the tension in the nature and of course the light. 
Since It is our first spring in this house I have no idea what is hidden below the earth and maybe ( hopefully) just waiting to pop and spread beauty all over our yard. 
Me and my daughter took a little stroll trying to find out...
We did not find a lot though but we both could feel the activity going on and that was good eneough. 
Ice is finally gone so greeted by this splashing sound from small waves meeting the dock.
Birds seem to be as happy as we are for this new season to arrive. 
Have to pinch myself in my arm just making sure I’m not dreaming...
Our world is so beautiful and I’m feeling so grateful that I’m here to experience it:)
Happy weekend!


Snart dags lägga i båten igen👍🏼

2018-04-14 @ 19:13:15

så vackert det är runt omkring er

2018-04-14 @ 22:43:11

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