Our Easter weekend

Last day of the Easter weekend. 
Its been a weekend full of food, snow, sunshine, family and togetherness. 
Eggpainting, walks, art shows and friends were also squeezed in during the days mixed with moments of doing absolutely nothing. 
Just wonderful:)
Lots of colors inside made up for lack of colors outside :)
It is just beautiful to be able to swap our usual routines to something different. 
Makes you gain perspective on things. 
Appreciate what you have and so on...
Three kids are trying their wings somewhere else during this holiday so it’s only been our youngest daughter who has put an golden edge on our days here in our summerhouse and to be only half the family on a vacation still feels so weird.
But, positively thinking I’m very grateful we have been able to give the kids those wings:)
And weird does not necessarily means bad...
Well well, we still have a few more days down here in my little paradise so will try to fill them with fun, relaxation and quality before going back to reality.
I do have a feeling it is not going to be hard to meet those criterias:)


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