New in my kitchen

A few goodies have moved in to my kitchen. 
A few things that I instantly fell in love with. 
A few things that puts a silver lining to my everyday routine in the kitchen. 
A wooden cuttingboard with a golden decoration ( remember my magpie gene)
A new pitcher for the water that will replace the ugly plastic one and which will make plain water look like it comes straight from the spring. 
And finally new big teacups ( also with a golden edge) that definitely will enhance my whole experience of drinking  tea. They are actually perfect for hot chocolate with whipped creme too...
Small things that make me feel childishly happy!
Yup, that's me! Shallow as a shower:)

Toppbloggare, föreläsare, journalist, plastmamma och speedwaynörd men Aspergers syndrom och Bipolär sjukdom

så snyggt

Svar: Tack! Indiska har så fina saker:)
Maria Lacik

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