Summernights and cousins

Im back!
My blog did not want me to log in so have not been able to document our living.😜
Meanwhile life has continued.
The sun has replaced the grey days and is warming up our cold souls. 
The kids cousins are dropping in one after another and is shaking up our lazy days. 
And the summer nights are just magical.
The usual evening ice cream tastes best on the pier:)
Bella has by the way arranged for a new family constellation. 
Her big cousin in the middle of the photo expressed his will of having a little sister.
She immediately offered her service and was accepted:)
So now I have five kids suddenly and my sister three. 
We share everything us sisters. 
Yes, we are not suffering at all. 
Freedom, sunshine and family. 
Thats a lot to be grateful for. 
Tonight my last sister with her kids are arriving and then my whole family ( except two of my kids) is here to share the beauty of our days. 


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