A bike from Ikea

Lo and behold but I learnt that IKEA revealed that they have created a unisex bike that are rolling (im so funny) into their stores all over the world from August. 
So not only did they build up the Swedish "people-home", now they are going to build up our health too.
This is also a part of a sustainable lifestyle and at the same time offering an environmental friendly transportation option.
( pictures from ikea)
The bike from ikea comes (of course) in a flat pack and has a few customized accessories like the basket and the tow-cart that is easily put on with a simple click-on system. 
Since I love to use my bike when in my summerhouse this really inspires me to dust off my old bike in the US ( or buy a new one at ikea) and start transporting myself by using my legs instead of the car for all small errands that can be done on a bike. 
I love ikea for always trying to make things better and with this bike they won the Red dot award ( one of the biggest design competitions in the world)  for best product design and also chosen for "best of the best" in the category of groundbreaking design. 
Yup, definitely something to consider for us urban riders ("wannabes") that want to ride in style:)


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