My husband and his bike...

My dear other half is crazy enough to plan for a bike race across America ( 4500 km or 2796 miles) next summer.
Everyone who knows him also knows that he is stubborn, goal oriented and slightly competitive 😝  
Now he has started his journey in preparation. 
A simple bike ride from our summer house in the very south of Sweden ( Ystad) to our childhood town in the very dark forest ( Växjö) a bit north, 200 km ( 124 miles) of our vacation place
In 6,5 hours!!!
He sent me a few updates along his ride and they were always positive and filled with energy. 
I mean he was even commenting about how beautiful his route was and how fantastic Sweden is.
That to me is very impressive considering his speed...
i would think he did not have time to notice the beauty, only focusing on the goal, but this time I was wrong. 
In 6.5 hours he finished a route he believed would take him 8 hours.
And he managed to take in the rolling fields, the cows under the trees in the pasture, the flowers along the roads and the red cottages.
Im so so proud that he actually can do two things at the time…


Hejsan Maria och Alex, that's fantastic. I'm game for cross America adventure!! Simon S

Svar: Great Simon! I'm sure my husband can provide you with everything you need to know:)
Maria Lacik

2016-07-28 @ 03:53:50

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