Hug each other!

As soon as we get here I always need to walk down to the beach to make sure everything looks like it used to. 
To make sure the waves are rolling in, that the sand is still white and soft and that the boats laying on the beach still will be there. 
These days, when the world around us is so ugly, sad and devastating, I kind of need that comfort nature is giving me and the beauty and the purity the shoreline provide...
There is something with the colour of the sky, sea and sand, and the consistency of the course of nature that still bring hopes and dreams about a better and peaceful world.
At least that is what I want to believe and will never give up hoping for.
Meanwhile I'm hugging my kids a little more often, a little tighter and telling them how much I love them!
And I give all of you an extra hug too just because...


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