Canyon ranch a last time

I just wanted to add a few last things regarding our trip to Canyon Ranch in Lenox Massachusetts. 
My husband and I came back relaxed, mindful, golfed, stretched out, yogad, nourished, spinninged, nutritioned, massaged, shock waved and very very happy. 
No matter what life path your on, what intention or expectations you have I think all the guests at this place kind of felt the effect of the healthy lifestyle and just experienced something very unique, a start to find your own personal
way of physical, spiritual and nutritional happiness. 
For groups of friends, couples, families, kick offs, conferences, or however you choose to travel I really think this is a great way to come together and be inspired of living a healthier life. 
I feel so grateful that I had the possibility to experience this and will try to carry that feel-good spirit I brought back as long as possible, well it actually did not last long because yesterday I got fever and have been in bed since, but mentally I still feel gooooood!


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