King Winter is here

And then it’s here!
King Winter decided to give us a little taste of the upcoming winter month and wrapped our world in a soft white blanket. 
So beautiful. 
But it was an eventful morning though when I dropped Bella off at school.
All the snow on the roads had turned into pure ice, and I slidded in to a another car which was blocking the way due to having no control. No injuries or car damages though so happy for that but I really really hate this part of winter.
The road assistants were not able to help out due to general chaos and other, more serious accidents, so it took us a few hours to find a solution for our cars. 
Later I ended up leaving my car at the nearest parking lot and I just walked back home. 
50 min of pulsing through the snow in a beautiful, quiet and white world.
Two members of our family were extremely happy though although it was too late to play in the garden when Bella got back from school, but Elvis...
He was running around chasing the snowflakes and dipped his nose in the snow and blew it just to watch it dance:)
Unfortunately he got his legs covered in lumps of snow which was annoying him. Any advice of how to deal with fur and snow? 
To me me this winter costume only trigged the Christmas spirit...
And the hot chocolate nerv:)


vilka underbara vinterbilder plus att mycket elände följer med det underliggande väglaget. skönt att inget hände,med människa och bil. visst smakade den varma chokladen extra gott efter detta. pusspuss

Svar: Längtar tillbaka till USA där skolan stängde så fort det blev vitt på marken. Varför utsätta sig för såna risker?! ❤️❤️😘
Maria Lacik

2017-11-21 @ 20:22:36

Usch ja den första halkan, tur det gick bra med er och bilarna, snö gör sig bäst på bild.

Svar: Jag absolut hatar vinter väglag. Har helt kommit bort från det. Kommer bli en utmaning:) 😘😘😘
Maria Lacik

2017-11-21 @ 21:45:41

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